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This Is Our Story……
A million words cannot summarise our story. Our story is filled with love and memories, of unconditional support, of kindness and of laughter.

When you purchase a book from the ‘This is our story’ collection, you gain a truly unique and personal piece of sculpture. Every book is created specifically for the recipient. The narrative tells a short story of the connection between the people in it. Many of these stories consist of childhood memories. So far I have created a piece for – mother, father and partner, however, as this is your own bespoke piece it can be for just about anybody, son, grandma or even pets.
All I require is one image with a defined silhouette and a short piece of text about the memories you want mentioning in the narrative. This can be in bullet point form or as a narrative of its own. That is entirely up to you.

I will translate your text and image into a bespoke glass book. The image will appear as a three dimensional picture with the silhouette of you and your loved ones entrapped within. Each piece will also be presented within the cover of an antique hardback book.

Once you have purchased the piece please email the information and image to

Please allow 3-4 weeks for design and production. 

This is our story

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  • Please be aware that this is a bespoke product and therefore requires 3-4 weeks for production. Please send photos and memories to 

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